Foreign hospitality service seminars [corresponding foreign tourist]

With foreigners Japanese style hospitality-O-MO-TE-NA-SHI service seminar.

And the frame of mind we need to get welcome foreign customers,
It is a seminar to introduce the practical service method.
Inbound of the current situation and, understanding of different cultures, the native language of the power,
For such method of utilizing multi-language tools
Institute will tell the Japanese hospitality trainer Association certified instructor.

Because the trainer learned specializing in the Association is responsible,
You can learn in a fun and hands-on.

[Main contents]

■ What if there is no self-confidence can also be “hospitality” to the language skills?
■ Are good only English? Visit to Japan know the alien circumstances!
■ language skills in favorability is not much need! Fact that
■ brain is 0.1 seconds! Hospitality of smiles and eye contact is a timing
■ OK in pronunciation isnt! Opening the heart in greeting native language!
■ convenient-to-use multi-language tool preparation tips!
■ The new discovery is full! Foreign culture and customs

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